Ecuador: Cold on the equator and a driving license lost

Ecuador started badly. The border crossing went relatively smoothly, but on the way to the parking lot, Ivan dropped somewhere his driver’s license. He figured this out after 20 kilometres and the cursing started.  We went back to the border trying to find it, but it was “causa perduta”.  Ivan was in quite a bad mood for the rest of the drive to Ibarra and Otavalo.  The ones who know him well can imagine what pain in the neck Ivan in a bad mood can be.

We spent the rest of the day calling MTO to figure out how to get a replacement driver’s license when out of the country. After we were done with all the printing, signing, and scanning and everything was faxed to MTO (thanks Luso J ), the mood in the car was somewhat restored to normal.

In Ecuador


On this unfortunate day, we got up early and skipped breakfast to get an early start at the border. The moral of the story – never get up early and skip breakfast.


The next day, we officially crossed the equator. I’m still trying to get used to the fact that from now on the sun will be in the north.



I guess when we say “the equator”, the first thing coming to mind is heat. Not in Quito… At 3,000 meters altitude, it was surprisingly cold. Being famous for always being cold, now I can proudly say that I got a fever and sour throat on the equator. Thanks to the baking soda I wisely put in the trunk of the car (yes, my dear husband, I know that they sell baking soda everywhere in the world, but could you tell me how to find it here), some Advil and few cups of tea, I felt better next morning. Just in time for the stroll in the famous market of Saquisilli and for climbing the Cotopaxi volcano.


I wish I could pass to you all kinds of emotions that are surrounding a local Ecuadorian market. Unfortunately, the pictures are missing the noise and the smell. 


After the market, we hiked the Cotopaxi volcano.  

PB171949.JPGIt is one of the world’s highest active volcanos with 5,897 m. After the recent volcanic activity, the only way to enter the park is with a local guide. Our ambition was to go to the very top of the mountain and even jump into the crater, but the guide calmed us down. No one is allowed to go above the snow line. So, we ended up at 4,864 meters. Not bad for an old fart and his better half, eh?

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These morons made me drive to an altitude of 4,300 meters on something which was not even a road. I was barely breathing. A car should choose its owners more carefully.



  1. Ivan, 100 % agree with the moral of your story. And in case you are really tempted to forget it and get an early morning shit up next time,
    get an extra one (grappa) in the evening to curb the entusiasm

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