The trip

Part one. Going south

Part one. Going north

Part three. Central America

We have been talking about this trip for a long time and the last year we started working on the details and logistics.
First we were planning to ship our car from Canada to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The shipping quote was reasonable, but unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the customs and other port fees.
Then we decided that Roraima is an amazing place to visit and tried to ship our car to Georgetown, Guyana. The shipping quote was even more affordable, with low port charges and brokerage fees. I started to work on the trip, accommodations and sites in Guyana, and then we hit the wall. Apparently, when you import a vehicle in Guyana by the sea you must apply for Temporary Import permit and pay deposit of 25,000 USD per car. On top of that, you could apply to get your deposit back only when you exit the country. Well, we didn’t have 25K to spare.

After long research, the final plan is:
– Ship the vehicle to Cartagena, Colombia
– Head south through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to Cusco
– Enter Brazil and drive the infamous BR 319 to Manaus then to Santa Elena de Uairen
– Hike Mount Roraima
– Head south to Iguazu Falls
– Visit Montevideo and Buenos Aires
– Head south along the coast of Argentina to Tierra Del Fuego
– Stop in Usuaya, drive the Carretera Austral in Chile
– head north zigzagging through Chile and Argentina
– Bolivia
– Peru
– Ecuador (and Galapagos)
– Colombia
– Ship the car to Panama
– Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize
– Mexico
– USA, Canada and north to Alaska
– And finally, back to Toronto
Our outline is for 12-month adventure, but even the best plans can change.
And our plan – from Cartagena to Ushuaia, north to Alaska and back home