Colombia: The mysterious Valle de Cocora

The drive from Medellin to Salento wasn’t a surprise. We have learned to trust Google when it says 250 km will be six hours drive. I would never believe that driving at 30 km per hour will feel like Ivan is speeding.

I am very proud of myself for the first kind of serious hike on our adventure. It is just a warm-up for the next ones.

Nadia, two four-leaf clovers for you 🙂


We hiked 4 hours through the lush and green cloud forest full of flowers I’ve tried to grow in pots in my home and hummingbirds. Cocora valley is one of the few places in the world where you can see the up to 60 meters high wax palms in their natural habitat


There is no easy way to explain the feeling of being surrounded by these magnificent trees, so I’m leaving this to the pictures

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